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Prisoner, The: Vol. 3 (1967)
Starring: Patrick McGoohan, Angelo Muscat
Director: Don Chaffey, Pat Jackson, Peter Graham Scott
Category: Science-Fiction
Studio: A&E
208 mins



No Man Is Just A Number.

Patrick McGoohan's The Prisoner has stood the test of time. A classic British TV series with elements of sci fi, mystery, comedy and high drama, this "allegorical conundrum" had a riveting effect on viewers when it first aired in 1967. It was unlike anything that had ever before appeared on television.

During production, McGoohan said that the purpose of The Prisoner was "to create a feeling of unrest about life today. It was an abstract impression of the world we are living in and a warning of what would happen to us when gadgetry and gimmickry take over from creative people." The Prisoner remains an intriguing social commentary as it speaks to a new generation.

Four key episodes are presented here in the fan-preferred viewing order that follows events and dialogue within each story. From human chess games, to bold escape plans, The Prisoner, Set Two is television at its finest!

Volume 3:
A giant outdoor chessboard features unique pawns -- humans chess pieces.Number Six joins the game, and starts a game of his own.

The Chimes Of Big Ben
A mysterious new resident offers a tantalizing clue as to where they are imprisoned.As she confers with Number Six, a plan for escape develops.

Volume 4:
A, B, And C
Cruel, dream-invading drug experiments on Number Six in an attempt to reveal why he resigned.

The General
The Professor's powerful, subliminal "educational" process is mandatory for all Villagers.But even The Professor questions how it will ultimately be used…